Intentional Plant Care


Talking to your plants can feel a bit silly and intimidating especially if you don’t know what to talk about. Garden Totems offer an opportunity to set an intention in your plant care. Write your Affirmations, Aspirations and Manifestations on the card provided and as you care for your plants, speak your intentions to life. Change out your cards as you evolve, but take your time. 


The Growin’ Womxn/Men Displays represent taking care of your mind so that you will rise in your authentic self. They’re each one of a kind just as we are! I encourage holders of the Growin Womxn Displays to speak their affirmations over The Growin’ Womxn just as they would themselves. Some have told me that they named the Growin’ Womxn Displays after themselves, I think it’s beautiful 🖤


In this case, You’re the plant!
Affirmation Mirrors serve as a gentle reminder to affirm yourself and that you are enough! Write your personal affirmations directly on the mirror (use a chalkboard marker) and see yourself in it, believe yourself to be It, & just be!