Lessons I’ve Learned

My body is a guide to my mind just as my mind has been a guide to my body telling it what it needs to go on. Like an Egyptian wall, my body reminds me of all that I Am.

I Am more than enough

Like ripples of water kissed by the sun, I stretch. I Am limitless. I shape shift to overcome my circumstances.

My stretch marks are grace, an invitation to another plate, they remind me how badly God wants me here. I cannot outgrow myself but I can expand my spirit into another body. I welcome life, I carry life, give way to life, I guide & nurture life. I Am life.


Strawberry seeds planted all over me.

Some don’t even know what that means, others turn to surgery, scrubs or google to remove them.

Me, I see them as reminders that even the smallest bit of growth can leave a mark. Keep growing.

Keep unfolding like the palm of your hand, your path is engraved in the universe.

Release resistance.

Release the tension & flow.

My skin at its darkest is a mirror for the sun. My life, it’s mantra. Proof of the Beauty that results from self love.
I Am light

I Am life

I Am depth

All of this just at the surface



Photography by @QueenTut_Photography